Car Emissions – What Are Car Emissions and What Are We Doing To Save Our Environment?


Car emissions are fumes that come out of cars during driving. In layman’s terms, these emissions are a by-product of gasoline combustion and it is a well-known fact that most modern cars have engines that are powered with gasoline, which must be burned to be a source of power. Obviously, all of this generates a wide variety of chemical processes and micro-processes and the end results of these processes are toxic emissions that harm our environment and, directly and indirectly, us.

What is Harming Us Exactly?
Just like we stated in the beginning of our articles, these chemicals are harming us and our environment, but let’s take a closer look at them for a bit and their mechanisms of action. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and water vapour are the products of this combustion that takes place in engines of our cars. However, these are only the most common components of these emissions, chemicals such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are even more dangerous and often referred to as “volatile components”.

How do these components exactly impact our environment and us? Acid rain and smog are caused by nitrogen oxides, but these gases harm us directly too, since they can cause respiratory issues and especially affect individuals who have asthma or allergies. Hydrocarbons also create smog and all of these chemicals combined hurt and eat away the precious ozone layer, therefore further affecting our health and destroying our environment

How Can We Combat and Reduce Car Emissions?

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Car emissions can be combated and reduced in a few different ways and there are already cars available on the market today that don’t need gasoline or fuel, but are instead powered electrically. There also hybrids, of course, but Tesla models are the perfect example of fully functional and widely available environment-friendly vehicles. However, it is not realistic to expect that all vehicles today to be 100% echo-friendly, we simply haven’t reached that technological point yet, but there are still ways to reduce car emissions and save our environment and health.

Most modern cars nowadays are designed in a way that they manage the quantity of burned fuel, therefore reducing gas emission and helping preserve the planet. Additionally, governments all over the world are introducing legislation and bestowing sets of requirements for engine efficiency, in order to restructure our vehicles, so to speak, so they produce less harmful emissions than before.

All of these strategies and tactics have proven to be effective, even though irreparable damage is already done and there is no way to reduce it, at the moment. All we can do is take advantage of new technologies and make our cars more echo-friendly. No matter how much we love and cherish our vehicles and technology in general, the planet’s health should always come first and, luckily, it seems as if our society is finally moving in that direction – we really are trying to minimize the damage we are doing. On the other hand, we are still minimizing, not completely eliminating it. This is why some sociologists, environmentalist, futurologists and automobile industry experts argue that electric cars are the future. Will it really be that way, will we live in an emission-free world and drive around in electric cars? That remains to be seen. Until then, let’s preserve our environment as much as we currently can.