What to look for in a baby monitor

Do you know what you need to look for in a baby monitor these days? It can be very confusing with so many on the market I must say. All those different brands and manufacturers, price ranges and features. Luckily though we’ll give you our take on what to look out for and what to avoid when purchasing one. We won’t be giving out any specific models to go for, so if it’s a list of recommended models to purchase, then check out this baby monitor comparison guide.

In terms of features firstly you need to identify whether you want an audio or video only model. Audio costs less but obviously only has audio capability, hence the name. Video costs more and usually includes a video image that you can watch. Both have their pros and cons, it’s just a matter of identifying what works for you and your baby. Battery consumption is another thing you want to look out for, as you don’t want to buy a baby monitor that’s constantly running out of charge. Price is one of the biggest sticking points for parents when looking to buying a monitor, and this really comes down to preference. If you just want a basic no thrills option at a cheap price, then go with one of the lesser named audio models. If you’re looking for a video monitor that’s long lasting and has a good name behind it such as Angelcare, then you obviously will pay for what you get. Note though, that it’s not the case that the more you spend the better the child monitor, no, you can easily get one for dirt cheap that will last you a long time.

It all comes down to preference when purchasing one, so remember to browse about online checking out reviews of baby monitors.

Volleyball Skills – Attack

Most number of points in any volleyball match are scored by attacking shots called spikes or hits. Over the years, players have tried different variation of the shot and many of them have come to be used in the modern game.


An attacking shot is generally the third touch on the ball though it can be any of the shots depending on the ball position. In most cases, a spike happens after the setter ‘sets’ the ball up. Setting involves softly touching the ball so that it reaches a hittable height above the net in your own side of the court. Ideally the ball should sit at a position which is the maximum attainable by the hitter with his arm swing. It appears obvious that most balls be set up as near to the net as possible because it would give the hitter a larger area in the opponents’ court to aim at. It would also increase the steepness with which a ball can be hit. However, this will also narrow down the angle for the opposition blockers hence making it easier to block. Therefore, players use interesting variation of the shot which are achieved by changing the location of the ball, height of the set-up, player tactics and speed at which the ball is hit. Getting the best shoes for volleyball https://getcourtdimensions.com/best-volleyball-shoes-for-men-women-buyers-guide/ really helps.

A kill is a spike that hits the floor on the opponents’ court. It is one of the most spectacular shots in volleyball but also difficult to execute at times. Depending on the situation, players try different variation to win the point. For example, if the kill doesn’t happen, one might try to hit the ball in a way that it hits the blocker and goes out of the play. For this to happen, the spiker hits the ball slower than usual so that it hits the hands of the blockers when they are retreating, rather than when they are in the best position to block. Another interesting tactic is when the attacker feigns attack but changes his shot at the last moment and drops the ball gently into the opposition court. This happens if the attacker sees a spot which is not covered by any of the defenders and can hence be exploited.

The full blooded spikes too have many variations. Just like tennis, you can spike down the line or cross court. If you spike the ball directly in the area facing you, it is a down the line spike and it is cross court if you hit it diagonally to the other half.

The ball is mostly spiked when it is at the maximum attainable height for a player. As a surprise shot, the attacker sometimes hits the ball as soon as it reaches marginally above the height of the net. This is called the quick hit and requires a lot of coordination between the setter and the attacker. Most of the times this hit is carried out by the central attacker.

Then there is the back row attack which made the Polish team Olympic champions. In back row attack, the attacker jumps from the back row instead or from near the net. It is mandatory to jump from behind the three meter line to make this shot.

Sometimes though, the hitter wins a point due to unforced errors. The most funnily named of these is the husband and wife play. As the name suggests (at the risk of being politically incorrect), the opposition gets a point because the ball falls between two players who are both within reach to play it but neither does owing to lack of communication.

Best Movies to Watch on Moviebox

We all know that watching movies can help relieve you of stress and makes for a great way to spend time with loved ones! So are you looking for a great movie to watch or to have a marathon? Then you’ll be able to find thousands of available videos to watch on Moviebox! There’s no limit to what you want to watch, and all you need is great company, good food, and the time to binge watch on all your favorites! But the question is: What are the best movies to watch on Megabox HD? We show you some of the best you can check out for your next movie marathon!


Best Movies to Watch on Moviebox

Stuck on choosing the best movie to watch? Here are some recommendations:

– The Purge: Election Year

This is the best film for those who love gore and suspense. With the Purge happening every year, you will see a lot of blood and violence, as well as drama and suspense as you watch various stories unfold of people killing to either seek revenge, or to simply survive. It isn’t for the faint of heart!

– Jungle Book

Now this is a great movie for kids and adults alike! Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the high definition as Disney puts a twist to the old tale. Watch Mowgli and Baloo have fun while escaping the enemy! You’ll definitely love the movie and reminisce with your young ones.

– Deadpool

It isn’t the newest, but it definitely is a hilarious film to watch with your friends! It’s got all the action and comedy rolled into one, and who doesn’t love watching Ryan Reynolds? You’ll definitely have an awesome time with your friends as you laugh and seep in the action!

– Me Before You

Want a good cry? Then this romance film will definitely take you there. Whether you’re with your significant other or heartbroken friends, let this feel-good movie take you to the times where you loved and sacrificed for the people you care for most. It’s based on a book, and watch out: It’s a tearjerker!

– Captain America: Civil War

Now tTHIS is the film for all families and friends! No matter how old you are, you’re going to enjoy the action-packed adventures and moments as you see all heroes fight against one another, trying to fight for what is right and make the world a better place.

In Conclusion

With Moviebox for iOS, you are now able to watch all you want and when you want it. You’ll be able to unwind and relax as you spend quality time alone or with loved ones with a goof movie from Moviebox. Instead of flipping through various collections and wasting precious time arguing and choosing the best movie, go for one of these recommendations for you to start off with. They’re available in high definition and will have you and your loved ones enjoy every bit of it. Download the Moviebox app now and begin streaming all these movies today!

Car Dashboard Cameras – Have Fun, Save Time and Money

Dash Cam 2

Technology and new technological inventions are changing the way we live and go about our daily business. This has influenced every single part of our life and penetrated into every pore of our society. Needless to say, technology has also influenced the automobile industry, in quite a few different ways. Things that were unimaginable before and that could only be seen in science fiction movies are now widely available and pretty affordable at that. One of these technological inventions, that each and every one of us can use today are car dashboard cameras. These useful little gadgets are what we will be talking about in this article, so make sure to keep reading.

Car Dashboard Cameras – What Are They For and Why Everyone Should Own One

Dashboard cameras used in cars are small, portable devices meant to record while you’re driving. Obviously, the fact that they record from a great point of view means that they can be used by adventurous drivers out there, to record wonderful scenery or, for example, record a journey to a foreign country. However, the main purpose of these cameras is related to insurance and evidence recording, so making sure you get the best available dash cam on the market is important – check out https://cardashcamreviews.com/best-dash-cam-uk/ for a guide on selecting the best. In the event of an accident, these cameras can prove to be incredibly useful. Although these are multi-purpose devices, the fact that they record literally everything that happens on the road means that insurance companies and even the authorities have access to solid, documented proof, which in return helps them determine who is at fault, in case of a car accident. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Dashboard camera footage is now universally accepted by insurance companies and admissible in court. This has made things easier for drivers and insurance companies alike. Dash cams are the best possible way to provide proof of what really happened during a collision. Obviously, this can speed up the entire process in court, as well as in handling reimbursement from your insurance company, but let’s see what are the main benefits of having a car dashboard camera:

• Provides evidence more reliable than witness testimony, in the eyes of the law – eye witness testimony is good and can often prove to be valuable, but nothing beats an actual document, or in this case a recording. Even if there are witnesses, sometimes they aren’t willing to testify in court and, on the other hand, their testimonials can be manipulated and taken out of context by attorneys. A dashboard camera is the perfect eyewitness.

• Accelerates the reporting of an accident – it is much easier to go down to the police station and your insurance company if you have actual footage of what happened. The fact that a collision is documented speeds the entire process up and makes thing easier for the driver and the insurance company both, not to mention how much it helps the authorities determine who is at fault.

• Saves money in damages and helps cut costs on your insurance – this one is pretty self-explanatory. A dashboard camera can save a lot of money in damages because it is the perfect way to record proof that can be shown to insurance companies. Needless to say, this helps the parties involved in an accident get the money they are supposed to get without much hassle.
• Protects your vehicle while it’s parked – a car dashboard camera can help protect your vehicle while it’s parked because: a) it drives thieves away, since no one wants to be caught breaking into a car on camera, b) if, in any case, someone breaks into your vehicle you will have proof that will help the authorities track the criminal down incredibly fast.

There are different types of these cameras out there, again go for the best dash you can find, to make sure you get the perfect fit. After all, we all have different preferences, needs and budgets. But, one thing is for sure – everyone could use a dashboard cam. You never know when you may need one. Unfortunately, there will always be reckless drivers out there but even if there weren’t, there’s always a chance that you end up in a collision. Not only that car accidents cost money, because you have to fix and repair your vehicle, but they can prove to be extremely expensive if we take things like insurance policies into consideration. Dashboard cameras are the ultimate eyewitness – these devices record and document everything and are an absolute must have for every driver out there.

Car Emissions – What Are Car Emissions and What Are We Doing To Save Our Environment?


Car emissions are fumes that come out of cars during driving. In layman’s terms, these emissions are a by-product of gasoline combustion and it is a well-known fact that most modern cars have engines that are powered with gasoline, which must be burned to be a source of power. Obviously, all of this generates a wide variety of chemical processes and micro-processes and the end results of these processes are toxic emissions that harm our environment and, directly and indirectly, us.

What is Harming Us Exactly?
Just like we stated in the beginning of our articles, these chemicals are harming us and our environment, but let’s take a closer look at them for a bit and their mechanisms of action. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and water vapour are the products of this combustion that takes place in engines of our cars. However, these are only the most common components of these emissions, chemicals such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are even more dangerous and often referred to as “volatile components”.

How do these components exactly impact our environment and us? Acid rain and smog are caused by nitrogen oxides, but these gases harm us directly too, since they can cause respiratory issues and especially affect individuals who have asthma or allergies. Hydrocarbons also create smog and all of these chemicals combined hurt and eat away the precious ozone layer, therefore further affecting our health and destroying our environment

How Can We Combat and Reduce Car Emissions?

Auto Emissions Repair Aurora, IL
Car emissions can be combated and reduced in a few different ways and there are already cars available on the market today that don’t need gasoline or fuel, but are instead powered electrically. There also hybrids, of course, but Tesla models are the perfect example of fully functional and widely available environment-friendly vehicles. However, it is not realistic to expect that all vehicles today to be 100% echo-friendly, we simply haven’t reached that technological point yet, but there are still ways to reduce car emissions and save our environment and health.

Most modern cars nowadays are designed in a way that they manage the quantity of burned fuel, therefore reducing gas emission and helping preserve the planet. Additionally, governments all over the world are introducing legislation and bestowing sets of requirements for engine efficiency, in order to restructure our vehicles, so to speak, so they produce less harmful emissions than before.

All of these strategies and tactics have proven to be effective, even though irreparable damage is already done and there is no way to reduce it, at the moment. All we can do is take advantage of new technologies and make our cars more echo-friendly. No matter how much we love and cherish our vehicles and technology in general, the planet’s health should always come first and, luckily, it seems as if our society is finally moving in that direction – we really are trying to minimize the damage we are doing. On the other hand, we are still minimizing, not completely eliminating it. This is why some sociologists, environmentalist, futurologists and automobile industry experts argue that electric cars are the future. Will it really be that way, will we live in an emission-free world and drive around in electric cars? That remains to be seen. Until then, let’s preserve our environment as much as we currently can.